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High-volume senders are always a red flag, especially when volumes are inconsistent. Do you send approximately the same number of emails each week or month, or is your sending schedule all over the map? Consistent volumes based on subscriber preferences are a key consideration for ISPs. Do your subscribers complain or tag your messages as "junk" or "spam"? Even a tiny increase in complaints can cause your email to be blocked by the ISPs.

Keeping your complaint rate very low less than. A good reputation also means that only a small percentage of your emails "bounce" back or are returned by the ISPs because the account is no longer active hard bounce or the mailbox is temporarily full or the recipient is out-of-office soft bounce. It also indicates that your list hygiene practices are not up to industry standards. This makes your email look like spam to an ISP and your email is unlikely to get delivered. Keeping your bounce rate low by implementing procedures to immediately remove email addresses that return "hard" bounces is essential.

Appearing on just one of the leading blacklists is enough to get you blocked by some ISPs. However, if you do get blacklisted, having a good sending reputation will help convince the blacklist administrator to remove your IPs from their list. As we mentioned, hitting just one spam trap is a reputation killer.

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Can you afford to have your messages blocked for several hours or days? Do you know the current state of your infrastructure? Learn more about shared and dedicated IPs here. Are your mail servers not secure, so a potential hacker could use them for spamming? Follow industry standard best practices for network and server security. And do you have a process for managing complaints? Not only do you need to get signed up for all major ISP feedback loops, but you also need a process for rapidly removing email addresses that log complaints.

What Should You Do If You Receive a Phishing Email?

Continuing to mail to people who have reported your email as spam will result in deliverability failures. Find more information about the List-Unsubscribe header here. SendGrid automatically registers all users for all major feedback loops. If yes, are you monitoring them?

Mark email as junk or spam in

Many ISPs require that these mailboxes be set up and working to get access to their feedback loops. Your sending domain needs to be able to receive mail, and it must have a valid MX record. If not, some ISPs will block your email. Resist the temptation to move IP addresses to resolve deliverability problems.

Limitations of HTML Email

Start by sending low volumes of email and work your way up to larger volumes. This helps you build a solid reputation and improves your chances of getting high delivery rates. If your mailing practices are poor or your infrastructure is not managed properly, these problems and the bad reputation will follow you to your new IP address. Need help with your infrastructure and deliverability?

Just ask. SendGrid's team of experts is ready to help. Get informed. Take stock of all systems that send your mail and identify all machines that send mail for your company. Next, determine the IP addresses and sending domains used.

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Publish your authentication records. Set up your mail server to sign outbound email with DKIM. Test your authentication records. This provides the opportunity for testing without risking delivery failures. Domain reputation identifies legitimate senders based on their domain name rather than their IP address by using the DKIM authentication protocol.

The key benefit to domain reputation is reputation portability that enables ISPs to track sender reputation regardless of IP and frees senders to move between email service providers.

Domain reputation will also help senders who move to a new IP to not have to warm up. This also means if you tarnish your domain reputation, it makes it much more difficult to start from scratch with a new domain. Bottom line: Senders should focus on both domain and IP reputation in order to maximize email deliverability. Watch out for email fatigue.

Good list hygiene practices are essential to avoiding spam traps and keeping your bounce rates low—key drivers of your reputation. There is no better way to ensure consistent deliverability success than by regularly cleaning your list of hard bounces, unknown users, and other inactive addresses. These campaigns help you remove unengaged users so your lists are up to date. The frequency of sending win-back campaigns depends on your business, but at a minimum, you should be sending them yearly, though we recommend sending them quarterly.

Welcome messages are the cornerstone of a well-run email program. The CAN-SPAM Act is geared towards marketing email with transactional email technically being exempt , but we advise that senders follow its regulations regardless of what type of email they send. When sending marketing messages, get permission from recipients by having them opt into your marketing email streams. That irritated recipient that gets your unwanted mail can sue you for sending.

Better lawyer up. However, there are larger, more powerful parties that can bring a suit against you if you violate the law.

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It might not be required, but we recommend that all senders include an obvious, working unsubscribe link in all emails to recipients. We strongly recommend that senders do not purchase recipient lists for a couple reasons: 1 - Recipients may not want your emails.

Quick disclaimer: The tips above are not legal advice—you should get professional advice from a lawyer to address any specific concerns around compliance. There is no secret formula to sending email that works. Second, the content of your emails needs to be relevant, interesting, and aesthetically aligned with your brand.


Download Checklist Template. Inbox providers like Yahoo! The best way to start is to allow registered users to reply to emails to confirm their email accounts in addition to providing a confirmation link.

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The 2 reason people unsubscribe is that they find the emails to be irrelevant. Call me crazy, but that makes me wonder. Would the person who cited frequency as their top reason have been so quick to unsubscribe if they found real value in the emails they received? On the flip side, was frequency just not an issue for the 2 respondents? It seems our myth needs a little qualification. First off, different industries interact with email marketing in a variety of ways.

According to Constant Contact , the average unsubscribe rate for fitness-related emails is a trim. Landscapers, on the other hand, can expect. In other words, a spike in unsubscribes may have more to do with the nature of your campaign itself than the frequency of your contact. Even more important than unsubscribe rates, however, are the expectations we set up for subscribers.

Go beyond that, and you may get yourself in trouble.