To make your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure hosted zone accessible through the internet, you must delegate your domain with your domain's registrar. Create and Configure a Copy of oci-curl 4.

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Some of the benefits include: Adding a label for network troubleshooting tools such as traceroute. Checking for generic reverse DNS such as Verifying a relationship between the owner of a domain name and the owner of the server IP address.

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Writing a human readable hostname to the log files for system monitoring tools. Determining which hostname is affected when maintenance is performed on an IP address. For example, Remove the netmask portion of the address. For example, remove the '27' after your IP address, Reverse the order of the remaining octets.

To create your DNS zone Open the navigation menu. Click Create Zone. In the Create Zone dialog box, choose one of the following methods: Manual - Enter the following: Zone Name: Enter the name of a zone you want to create.

What is reverse DNS. What is a PTR Record?

That is, it maps an IP address to a hostname, rather than vice versa. Given an IP address of the form a.

PTR host. Note that, in certain special cases classless subnet reverse zones , the name of the record may be different.

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Because the naming rule of PTR records, they are almost always organized into separate zones, called reverse zones. A reverse zone typically corresponds to a subnet, not a domain name, and a PTR record corresponds to a particular IP address, not an A record. These distinctions are important to understand. Give the configuration a name, and select a group of name servers from the dropdown menu it should apply to. NOTE: This must be the same group of name servers that the domain s you will apply the configuration to are assigned.

In this example, our IP address is: For the system field, you will enter the hostname of the A record you are using to point to your mail server and append it with a dot. In this example, we already created an A record called mail, so the hostname would be mail.

If the nameservers do not match, follow the steps below before proceeding to step 5. Click the plus sign below the table to add a new set of nameservers.