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Orangeburg County, SC .. Section - Lot of Record Section - Parking, Storage, and Use of Non-Residential Vehicles and Equipment in the RS.

We also gave a heads-up e-mail to some friends in the genealogical community about the impending data release.

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All the major websites you would hope or expect to see this data will have it online eventually, and multiple transcription projects are being planned, although it may take a year or two for everything to wind up freely text-searchable. And as for Alec? And you should probably tell him thank you for having the great idea to go after these New Jersey records in the first place.

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One more fun fact: at one point in this records fight, a New Jersey government official casually mentioned to Alec that only a New Jersey state resident could file an OPRA request. This government official was slightly misinformed, as a new court case just this past April decided that OPRA requestors no longer need to prove in-state residency.

We in the genealogical community are the beneficiaries of his forbearance. We at Reclaim The Records were able to step in and work with Alec on this project because we finally became a real c 3 registered non-profit earlier this year, and have quietly been fundraising for the past few months.

We want to keep reclaiming and publishing records like this New Jersey marriage index.

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And we want to keep helping genealogists like Alec with legal assistance and financial support to reclaim any new records they may discover. If another genealogist comes to us tomorrow needing help with another awesome records project, we want to be able to say yes to them too. Record Type: Marriage Records.

Record Physical Format: Digital Images. Number of Records Estimated : approximately five million. Me: I read you loud and clear. Our EIN is Well that layout is missing four more columns of data, which are on the next page!

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So do be careful to check at least one page ahead, too. Meet Alec Ferretti He may look young, but Alec Ferretti been a serious genealogist for more than a decade. And we thank you for your support. Paperwork and Court Filings. Browse the Records. Get the latest news! Sign up for our free e-mail newsletter Join 6, others, stay updated on our work by subscribing to our free newsletter. Please choose one. Catch up on your reading.

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This day 97 years ago — 30 June — centuries' worth of Irish documentation was lost when the Public Record Office in the Four Courts was blown up in a battle between pro- and anti-Treaty forces. Be our friend on Facebook. Index to Deaths in Yonkers, New York, c. Wyoming Marriage, Death, and Divorce Indices, Some public records aren't released online and must be accessed through your local records office.

Sometimes, information you find through these public records resources aren't true or even remotely accurate, so you can't always rely on what you see. If your public records search is aimed toward finding what's publicly available on a specific person, use a people search engine. You can type a name and location to see more information about the person, like their phone numbers, email addresses , usernames, physical addresses, relatives, education history, and more.

TruePeopleSearch is an example of a free website for finding people online , but others that cost, like BeenVerified , are sometimes more exhaustive. You can remove your own information from these websites if you wish to. You might have luck using a people search engine to find criminal records BeenVerified does a good job at listed those records , but you can also search for criminals with a prison inmate locator such as the one available at Federal Bureau of Prisons.

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Family Watchdog is a good public records finder if you're looking for sex offenders in your area. You can search by location or school to find nearby sex offenders, or find a specific criminal via name. Online newspapers are considered public records, too, and they're updated frequently to include recent criminal reports.

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Obituaries that are listed online is another way to search public records on the web. It's one of the best ways to learn if someone has passed away.

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A similar public records search is for gravesite records. Websites like Find A Grave provide millions of memorials you can search through to confirm a death record, and many even have photos of the gravesite for extra proof. It is not, and cannot be construed to be, legal advice. If you have questions regarding any matter contained on this page, please speak with the agency that is the source of the information.

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We are working to redesign the way we present information to you. Your feedback will help us know when the information we provide is helpful, and where we could do better. Skip to main content. If you need a marriage record from before or after , contact the probate court in the county where the marriage was held. Although the department can confirm divorces, copies of the records are held by the Clerk of the Superior Court in the county where the divorce was granted.

You can request copies online, by mail, or in person.