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Elizabeth D. Barreta, Mr. Cosme B M. Barrows, Dr. The official territorial bird of the U. The island of Saint Croix has several species of animals endemic to the island, including the Saint Croix ground lizard , the Saint Croix's anole , as well as the extinct Saint Croix racer and Saint Croix macaw. The U. Other species of turtles include the green - and hawksbill turtles , as well as the only non-marine turtle, the red-footed tortoise. The most common lizard is the ground lizard, and to a lesser extent, the tree lizard. The Virgin Islands are also home to several non-venomous snake species, including the ground snake , Mona boa Virgin Islands tree boa and blind snake Typhlops richardii.

While the green- and hawksbill turtles are found throughout the U. The largest populations of hawksbill turtles however are found on Buck Island and the east end of Saint Croix. Native lizards such as anole , ameiva and geckos are easily observed from the Cas Cay Wildlife Sanctuary and Cas Cay Island , a tropical island a few miles south of Red Hook. Amphibians in the U. Of the sixteen species once recorded on Puerto Rico, it is estimated that three species became extinct in the late s. Most of the amphibians in the U. While there is an abundance of sea mammals, the only endemic land mammal found in the U.

Of the non-native mammals, the white-tailed deer was introduced to the islands during the s, while feral hogs and dogs where introduced by natives during the Pre-Columbian era. European settlers later introduced domesticated species such as donkeys, sheep, goats, horses, chickens, cats, and also local pests such as the rat and the small Asian mongoose. The small Asian mongoose has been blamed for numerous native extinctions and has reached a density of two animals per acre across the U.

Virgin Islands. The waters off the United States Virgin Islands are among the most productive in the world and host a variety of marine mammals, fish, sea turtles, corals, seabirds and invertebrates.