The Washtenaw Jail houses up to male and female inmates, including state inmates of all custody levels who are probation violators, awaiting trial, sentencing, or transfer to the Michigan Department of Corrections or the Federal Bureau of Visitor s Visitation Registration Process a.

New Washtenaw County District Court, jail addition The structure replaces the court's former home on the same property, a building that originally served as a … Jails In "W" Counties - County Jail Inmate Search ; County jails with an inmate search Call save on Securus rates! Free listing of inmates in county jails in Ann Arbor, Michigan. As the See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Washtenaw County Jail that publishes the names of inmates currently in custody at their facility. InmateAID makes it easy for you View the location, contact information, and details about Washtenaw County Jail as well as information on The facts that are not controverted show that on September 23, the automobile in which plaintiff was a passenger was pursued in a high speed chase by Washtenaw County deputy sheriffs in Washtenaw County.

As plaintiff's vehicle was leaving Washtenaw County and entering Wayne County, the Washtenaw County officers radioed ahead for assistance from Wayne County officials. Wayne County Deputy Sheriff Montagne received the radio dispatch and after spotting a vehicle matching the description given in the dispatch he gave chase.

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Deputy Montagne's affidavit states that his pursuit caused the subject car to stop on a freeway entrance ramp; that once the vehicle stopped he radioed into the sheriff's dispatch his position and the subject vehicle's description and license plate number, and approached the car on the driver's side; that the driver provided him with a valid Michigan driver's license; and, that very shortly thereafter several vehicles containing Washtenaw County deputy sheriffs converged on the scene.

Montagne's affidavit further states that once the Washtenaw deputies arrived, he had no further direct involvement with the subject vehicle or its occupants. The affidavits of Deputies Cox and Healy reflect even less involvement than Deputy Montagne concerning plaintiff or plaintiff's vehicle. Both stated that they responded to the same radio dispatch as Deputy Montagne.

However, both indicated that by the time they reached the location where the vehicle was stopped the situation was under control and, therefore, they had no involvement with the subject vehicle or its passengers. A review of the complaint indicates that only Count I could have any potential relevance to the Wayne County deputy sheriffs. Count I alleges abuses by defendants growing out of the stop of the vehicle and the beating which allegedly followed.

Count II asserts an invasion of privacy based on the strip search which allegedly occurred after plaintiff arrived at the Washtenaw County Jail. Paragraph 23 of the complaint states, "That the strip search conducted by the Defendant Washtenaw County Officers was degrading, humiliating and demeaning. Again, it is clear from plaintiff's complaint that this alleged deprivation occurred at the hands of the Washtenaw County officials. Taking into consideration the well pleaded allegations of the complaint, plaintiff's deposition, the affidavits of the three Wayne County deputy sheriffs, and plaintiff's affidavit, the court finds that it must grant all three defendants' motions for summary judgment on Counts II and III.

There is no set of facts at issue before the court upon which any of these three defendants could be found liable to plaintiff under either count. Plaintiff's affidavit supports this ruling. Paragraph 14 of plaintiff's affidavit states, "To my knowledge and belief, I was falsely arrested and falsely imprisoned by more than one Washtenaw County deputy.

As for the remaining count, Count I, there is no set of facts upon which defendant Cox or Healy could be found liable to plaintiff.

Their uncontroverted affidavits show that they never came into contact with plaintiff or the vehicle in which he was traveling. There is no indication to the contrary. Accordingly, the motions for summary judgment by defendants Cox and Healy are granted as to Count I as well as Counts 11 and III of plaintiff's complaint. Therefore, defendants Cox and Healy are dismissed from the case. Based on the record before it, the court can not at this time grant defendant Montagne's motion for summary judgment as to Count I.

His affidavit indicates that he was the officer who caused plaintiff's vehicle to stop and that he was the first officer to have any contact with the passengers in the car. While his affidavit states that he did not have any contact with the plaintiff at any time, for the purposes of the present motion his assertion is sufficiently controverted by plaintiff's affidavit to make it inappropriate to grant summary judgment at this time. Plaintiff's affidavit states that at least one Wayne County deputy sheriff was responsible for his beating.

Of course, defendant Montagne is free to bring another motion for summary judgment should future discovery in this case make such a motion appropriate.

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Browse cases. Cases citing this document How cited Williams v. Wriggelsworth McMillian v. It not only holds those convicted of lesser crimes but also suspects who have been denied bail or could not post the bond amount needed for release. Educating yourself about recent arrests is also a good way to know what is happening in your community. Similarly, if you ever encounter a person who seems a little odd or suspicious, a good way to quell your doubts is to run an arrest search in his name.

Many people would argue that snooping on people by using an arrest app or database is hardly the right thing to do. But, let us get one thing straight, information was and will always be power. The more you know the better you are placed to make the right decisions at the right time. Along the same lines, an arrest history can also be used to understand if and how a person has turned his life around. While the report of a criminal background check will have information on all the illegal acts that the subject was tried and convicted off, arrest reports are concise and limited in comparison.

They will only have information on the conditions of arrests and not on what happened after the subject was taken into custody. For instance, in some states and counties, the police provide information on daily arrests last 24 hours. Some of the law enforcement agencies go a step further and publish their jail records online.

These include information on all effected arrests last 5 days or more along with the arrest mugshots. Depending on where you are and the agency you are approaching, you may be denied access to both the arrest reports and third party criminal background checks. State Privacy and Freedom of Information rules reign supreme when it comes to the dissemination of criminal history data. To cut a long story short, the more stringent the privacy laws of the state, the harder it is to access the arrest log. A person is arrested every 25 seconds in the US, and only some of these arrests are made on the basis of warrants.

Arrest records typically have information pertaining to all instances when the subject was taken into police custody. An arrest report will offer details pertaining to the nature of the crime, the name of the agency that detained the accused, information on the current status of this person, such as in custody or released on bail and arrest booking details. So, arrest records are simply the aggregation of all this information linked to various criminal instances, which resulted in the arrest of the person in question.

But, you may never get to see it. They will simply ask you to seek information from the judiciary or a state level law enforcement agency that handles requests for crime history checks. When you take the official route, you only have a few options, depending on the type and amount of information you need. The police: This is the most obvious choice for information on recent arrests in the area since local law enforcement is responsible for serving all warrants and detaining people. The Clerk of Court : Although this agency plays a crucial role in the issue of arrest warrants as well as the procedure that is followed from the point of arrest to the verdict, they may not offer information on actual arrests.

However, you can find details on all criminals serving time in state penitentiaries.

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The advantage of approaching a government office for criminal and arrest records is that you will get an official report that can legally be used for immigration, adoption, employment and other such purposes. However, you will need to submit some form of identification when requesting an arrest inquiry. Moreover, local agencies can only offer information from within their geographic jurisdiction.

So, even if you want information about recent arrests in the neighboring county, let alone the whole state or country, the local police department may not be able to help you.

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A better and safer bet is to get the arrest records you need from a company that offers private services for an arrest inquiry. Yes, you will have to pay a small fee but the information you receive will be in depth and will cover all 50 states. As of the census, the population was ,