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Orangeburg County, SC .. Section - Lot of Record Section - Parking, Storage, and Use of Non-Residential Vehicles and Equipment in the RS.

Please contact the Board of Assessors Office for an agenda.

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Agendas are available to the public on Fridays prior to the Monday meeting. Mission Statement The Board of Assessors provides and defends uniform fair market values on all taxable properties in Richmond County to establish an equitable digest for the State and to provide to the Augusta Commission, the Board of Education, and the Tax Commissioner, information to levy and collect property taxes. All members are appointed to a four-year term. All staff members are issued county identification badges with their photograph which should be visible at all times. Appraisal staff travels in county owned vehicles displaying county decals.

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Notice in person is provided to the owner or occupant immediately upon entering the property. An assessment roll is created from these assessments and is one of the factors in determining the property tax bill. The State Tax Commission provides assessors with manuals and guidelines to follow to help maintain uniformity and equality in the assessments. Sales studies are also prepared annually to help estimate values.

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With the exception of a few records such as personal property statements and real property confidentiality forms all records in the Assessor's office are available for review by the public. These records would include the property parcel cards, legal descriptions, sales study data, lot and building sizes, plat maps, and State Tax Commission manuals. Properties are estimated on the fair market value which is the price most people would pay for it in its condition on the assessment date. The best indicator of fair market value are sales of similar properties.

Even if your property recently sold, other factors are used in determining market value. These factors could be other sales in the area, sales that would be considered as qualified, and adjustments for special circumstances that could decrease or increase prices. A popular misconception on assessed values is that property values do not increase and the values should go down because of depreciation.

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Physical change in not the only reason for a change in value. The market has a lot to do with property values.

If a neighborhood is decaying or has a deterrent factor such as a new factory being built - this could cause property values to decrease. Conversely, if a neighborhood becomes "fashionable" - this would cause property values to increase. A shortage of homes in a desirable area can send sale prices to outrageous levels.

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The assessor and home-buyers all need to pay attention to the same market values when valuing property. The Assessor's office collects the data necessary for valuation of property. This information is recorded on the property assessment card which may be reviewed for accuracy by anyone. The cost figures used on the assessment card are provided by the State Tax Commission and updated yearly.

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  7. By state law, the assessment rolls must be completed by the first Monday in March and available for review by the taxpayers.